Holborn Water storage tanks are made from LLDPE premium virgin grade resin. The tanks are designed from high grade Stainless Steel molds with special Chrome treatment to give excellent finish and an even wall thickness all around the body of the tank. Due to this technique the tank gains strength, stability and durability over a long time.

Holborn manufactures wide range of sizes and shapes of Tanks such as Vertical and Horizontal ranging from 250 Liters to 10,000 Ltrs. Holborn Tanks come in Black, Blue, Green and many other colors as per customer´s requirements.

Rust Proof and Hygienic.
Smooth and Glossy Inner.
Good for Potable Water.
Low Maintenance and Easy to Install.
Computerized Design.
Leakage resistant.
  Water Storage Tanks & Dust Bins  
Vertical Tanks Horizontal Tanks Dust Bin Fish pond
250 Ltrs 500 Ltrs 150 Ltrs Medium Capacity
500 Ltrs 1000 Ltrs 250 Ltrs Large Capacity
1000 Ltrs 1500 Ltrs    
1500 Ltrs 2000 Ltrs    
2000 Ltrs      
3000 Ltrs      
3500 Ltrs      
4000 Ltrs      
4500 Ltrs      
5000 Ltrs      
6500 Ltrs      
7500 Ltrs      
10000 Ltrs